Sprung forward

We hurtled up and down I-15 yesterday test driving cars for K’s birthday present. It was weirdly exhausting. Sorting through details of the vehicles’ power, feel, color, features. Dealing with traffic. Driving the dealerships’ vehicles verrrry carefully.

Turns out that buying a new car (SUV) is more complicated than buying a house. With a house, it’s 80% location, 20% everything else, because that 20% can almost always be fixed or modified. With a car you’ve got one chance to get everything right. There’s no going back on things like color, engine, and seats – to name just three of about 100 variables.

We didn’t find the Goldilocks vehicle, and fortunately there’s no rush. At yesterday’s rate, we’ll still be looking on her next birthday.


The Oscars are tonight and I haven’t seen any of the nominees for Best Picture. I’m a little out of touch. I’d actually like to see them all, though I still have no idea what Everything, Everywhere, All at Once is even about. Today, another gloomy rainy day in Socal, might be a good time to watch one or two of the nominees. That’s about the extent of my ambition.


Finally, today is the day that it begins to stay weirdly light much later than expected. We have sprung (sprang?) forward. I’m not a fan of the twice annual time shift, and I’m not sure who keeps lobbying for it in Congress, or why. But like good sheep we all go along with it, year after year. Baaaaaaah.

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