I find that I’m in a writing drought. Nothing that interesting to say, even as a blog post.

The last three days have been spent celebrating K’s birthday, with a trip to the desert to go four-wheeling in search of desert flowers (pictures later after I download and curate them), some good meals out, a trip to test-drive her birthday present, and some visits with old friends. She’s having a good birthday week.

Otherwise, there’s just not much happening that inspires me to write about it. Politicians still suck, the weather is still weird, and the days continue to blur together. The only really new thing is that I’ve gotten to the point that I now look forward to my twice-weekly sessions with our personal trainer. So much so that I may add a third session per week. I hope to get into a virtuous cycle with exercise – enjoy it more, do it more.

McSweeney’s did manage to capture my feelings about the rewriting of literature and history currently being performed in Florida. I couldn’t have said it any better.

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