That’s enough

My childhood church cult is staying true to form – keeping women in their place. How can an institution like this thrive in 2023? The answer – it’s really hard to get past the childhood indoctrination. Things you’re taught as a completely impressionable 5-12 year old stick with you. My parents had good intentions, but did me no favors with brainwashing sessions three days a week.

I’ll say this. This kind of patriarchal, tribal, ten-commandments-touting organization is good for some folks. It’s better than the life of drugs and violence they might lead on their own, without guidance and guardrails. And for those who truly *believe*, well, good for them. But let’s try and bring those beliefs into the 21st century. Any religion treating women as second class citizens isn’t much (any?) different than Islam, which treats women as property – something to own and control, with no real agency. As a man with a daughter, I find that despicable.

Speaking of conservative patriarchal authoritarians, how about The Speaker of the House giving thousands of hours of sensitive videos to Tucker Carlson and Faux News? Unethical, check. Treasonous, check. Dangerously stupid, check. Having anything to do with governing – nope.

That’s enough aggravation for one day.

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