Ugly at halftime

Watching the Cats from Mexico – had to install a VPN to get Sling/ESPN. The tech works fine, but the Cats aren’t cooperating. Game’s not over, but it’s been ugly so far.


Update post-game. We lost with a weak finish in each half. Got outcoached and outplayed. This season ends with the first game of the SEC tournament unless a miracle happens.

2020 – no season

2021 – a 9-16 record, the worst UK season ever

2022 – a decent season and then an inexplicable loss in the first round of the NCAA tourney, to a team that had no business beating us

2023 – we have The Underachievers, or The Little Engine That Couldn’t

It’s been a looong time since UK’s last NCAA tourney win. 4+ years, and increasing. This is why you don’t sign a 60-year old coach to a lifetime $80+ million dollar contract.

It’s hard to know what’s been wrong these last few years, but we should skip the analysis and do what every other team does in this situation – fire the coach and start fresh. It’s time.