Ruh roh

Ruh roh. Republicans have just received a gift for the 2024 Presidential election – a very electable, qualified female candidate. Nikki Haley will run, and she’s very capable of getting votes from folks who voted for Biden or just didn’t vote because they couldn’t stand Trump. Conservative, telegenic, smart, not MAGA-crazed, not already smeared in a national campaign…she could be a formidable candidate.

So who is her equivalent on the Democratic side? Sadly, I can’t think of anyone who is a shoe-in. Gavin Newsome? Hakeem Jeffries?

This may be the election in which America finally decides to elect a woman. If Haley can appeal to the conservative rural women across the Midwest…watch out. That’ll be a power base. And if Democrats decide to run a man against her, Haley may just peel off a lot of votes from moderate Democrat women.