Bad lunch

I had some time to kill so I decided to go out for a nice lunch. I could have gone anywhere in Louisville, and I chose Cask Southern Kitchen. I had read recently about it being one of the gems of Louisville cuisine, and I’ve had some decent meals there in the past. So I decided to see if they had upped their game.

In a word, nope. I was really disappointed in them. I chose their buttermilk fried chicken sandwich with fries based on the server’s recommendation. I *do* like chicken sandwiches. I also got a starter of their grit fritters.

The service wasn’t bad. But the food was really poor. The grit fritters tasted OK, but they were cool and mushy. Supposedly deep fried. The chicken sandwich was just OK – well cooked, good bun, but no seasoning and on the small side. I could’ve gotten a much better sandwich at Joella’s.

The deal breaker was the french fries. They were cold (OK, maybe cool) and stale, as if they were leftover from yesterday. I let the server know. But for me that’s a cardinal sin – fries should be the best part of the meal, and these were…just bad.

All in, a disappointing lunch. I won’t be back to Cask for a while.

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