Evil idiots

Another day and another happy case of UK winning a must-win game, this time in Florida. The Cats were schizoid, playing great for stretches and then collapsing – three or four cycles of this. Fortunately we ended the game on an up cycle and came away with a W. Saw something I’d never seen before – a Florida fan grabbed a UK player on the sidelines and briefly kept him from returning to the court. The fan and two henchmen were removed from the arena, but still…damn. People have no shame these days.


For a lot of the morning each day this week I’ve had my TV tuned to the Friends of the Big Bear Valley eagle-cam, watching two bald eagles patiently hatching an egg in some of the worst conditions you can imagine. High winds and snow, 120 feet up in a Jeffrey Pine. The same storm that’s dropping rain on our Fallbrook home is piling snow on at Big Bear, elevation 6752 feet. It’s calming and fascinating. The eggs are due to hatch any day now. We camped at Big Bear Lake a couple of years ago, and it’s a magnificent setting, once you get out of the ski area downtown clutter. The eagles picked a good spot to live.


Getting ready for college classes in West Virginia:

  • Laptop computer, check
  • Notepad and pens, check
  • Phone, credit card, keys, check
  • Nine mm H&K handgun, check

Wait, what? Looks like that’s the new reality in good ole WV. Nothing says “higher education” like concealed handguns. Evil idiots in charge.

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