Close, but no GOP cigar

Well, well, well. It turns out that just over half of Georgia, by a tiny percent, isn’t nuts. Congratulations Senator Warnock! But it does boggle the mind that about 1.7M people voted for Walker. It might make sense, when you remember that half of the population is below the median IQ. I know, that’s harsh and/or elitist, but…calling it like I see it. Why else would you vote for a party that actively works against your interests? A party that from my POV is actively evil.


Indonesia just passed laws banning sex outside of marriage. That includes for touristy places like Bali. I’m sure that’ll work out just fine for everyone.


Trump had a very bad week, legally and politically. His company, the Trump Crime Family Trump Organization, was found guilty of felony fraud. Merry Christmas, and here’s to hoping they go after the kingpin next.


Today I go to my last board meeting as Chairman of 211 San Diego. Definitely bittersweet, but time to move on. It’s been great being part of an organization that provides so much help to those who need it the most. Joining 211’s board a decade ago helped me reconnect with San Diego after years of consulting travel, made it feel more like home.


Just over a year ago we were in Cabo for what turned out to be a great December trip. Here are a couple of good pictures from that trip.

First, Fishing in Paradise.

Next, a traditional Mexican dance team.

I could have framed it better, but I like the light.

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  1. The light is really fantastic in both photos. I particularly like the color on the hair ribbon and how your eye is drawn to the dancer’s skirt. If the skirt hem had been on the edge of the photo is may have had less of an impact. Thanks for sharing.

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