Nice job

This cartoon just about sums up US politics lately – Biden has been quite the consequential President after two years. It’s driving the conservative crowd crazy (er).

I’ve always enjoyed Luckovich’s comics.

Dinner last night at The Pine Room was excellent, though a little late for my tastes – we ate at about 830pm. Everything we tried was tasty and each had a slight twist that made the dish memorable. Salty bread with bourbon flavored dipping sauce, cauliflower with a nutty, crunchy coating, a little cherry pie in a ramekin that was so, so good. My main course was flank steak, cooked perfectly. And their service was outstanding. We’ll return for another Pine Room experience.


Six hours until the UK-UCLA game. We win, our trajectory looks strong. We lose, and it’s looking like another year of “we should’ve done better”. Go Cats, exceed expectations!


From USA Today, Covid isn’t finished with us by a long shot. China is about to melt down.

Experts predict hundreds of millions of infections and as many as 1.5 million to 2 million deaths.
“I think China is going to blow in the next six to 12 weeks,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, in a Thursday webinar. “Instead of falling off a 5-foot cliff, we’re going to watch them fall off a 1,000-foot cliff.”
A raging epidemic in China could be bad news for controlling the virus in the U.S., he and other experts said, because travelers will arrive sick and the chances of mutation increase anytime a virus infects a lot of people.

That will impact the US economy too, as our supply chain is deeply entwined with China. Turns out the Chinese zero-Covid lockdowns just delayed the inevitable outcome of the virus and arguably made the results worse for everyone. Nice job, guys.