Batten down the hatches

The closer we get to the Arctic storm tonight, the less it feels like an adventure – more like an opportunity to test survival skills. This area just isn’t prepared for negative 30ish wind chill. The combo of below zero temps and wind gusts at 40 mph could be devastating – lots of tree falls and power line problems. The nightmare scenario is an extended power outage. In close second are broken pipes, cars that won’t start, and roads filled with wrecked cars due to ice.

We tried to bug out today, but Southwest wasn’t up to the task. They rebooked us for 610am Friday through Chicago, and there’s no way in hell I’m getting on that flight, even if it leaves Louisville. Another worst case scenario is being stranded in Chicago airport with another million angry travelers. Nope, just nope. I’ll cancel that reservation if SW doesn’t cancel the flight, which I think is likely. So our last option is a reservation we have for the 24th through Phoenix. My hope (not a good strategy) is that there will be an aircraft available by Saturday afternoon, and Phoenix is a safe destination, untouched by the Arctic storm. We’ll see.

So, in the meantime, faucets will be on drip and flashlights at the ready. Communication devices all charging up. Some meals ready for Friday in case no one can drive on the roads. And hoping that LGE has a great field service organization.

Also really, really hope that the homeless folks in Louisville find some shelter. I know of one large homeless encampment along the river west of the city. Without shelter, tonight and tomorrow will be deadly. In San Diego I know my 211 team would be mobilizing to help in a situation like this – I wonder if they have the same kind of service organization here?