Last day in KY for 2022?

Just read about Flipper Zero. Wow, I expect this device to wreak some havoc. I may just get one to play around and see how vulnerable we actually are to ubiquitous, invisible information being beamed around us. Though to get one I may have to pay Amazon double the retail rate – the OEM company is sold out.

Today is just a relax and bide your time day. We plan to have lunch with my brother and go see the kids later, before we try to fly west one more time tomorrow morning. Air travel at the holidays, and this holiday/weather shitstorm in particular, is pretty awful. I’m going back to my old rules about flying at the holidays – just don’t.

I feel so bad for all the families who got stuck yesterday (and the day before, and the day before that) when flights cancelled and they had no rental car, no flight onward at any price, and definitely no second home to fall back to. We had it easy in comparison.

Looking westward, it’s 80+ degrees and sunny today at our CA home. But as we arrive tomorrow, the temperature will drop about 20 degrees and then we get a few days of cold rain. Is it us – what did we do to piss off the weather gods? I have mixed feelings about that forecast – one one hand, I was looking forward to a little heat. On the other, rain is the best thing that can happen in Socal. And 60 degrees is a helluva lot warmer than what we’ve experienced the past week.

With the wintery weather here (that’s an understatement), I haven’t even broken out my Fuji camera, after hauling it and a couple of lenses here, I know I’ve missed opportunities for some dramatic B&W shots of the snow and ice, but I haven’t been up to it. One more reason that I might just sell the expensive gear and rely on an iPhone 14 with its very solid camera. It might be time to face it (shades of Tame Impala), I’ll never be Ansel Adams.