I agree with this, 100%. Writing is magic.


Presiding over last night’s final 211SD board meeting (final for me) and the subsequent farewell party has left me restless. Unsettled. This is a chapter of my life that I didn’t want to end. I *am* joining another nonprofit board – San Diego Health Connect – and I’m sure I’ll be able to contribute there. But it won’t be 211. I’m sure I’ll feel better about it all in a day or two, but for now…unsettled.


There’s some real wisdom in this short essay. Ideas That Changed My Life. The one about tribes is so true; a realization I had years ago.


OK, I promise to never again flush the toilet with the lid up. Ugh.


Trying to put a little life into the blog, I’ll continue to publish some of my favorite pictures of the past year.

Here is the masterful, the one and only Leo Kottke playing live at The Belly Up in late July, where we had ringside seats. It was a great little show that night. I had to sneak to take this picture, and it turned out pretty nice.

Here’s a peaceful, meandering canal in Bruge, just a couple of hundred yards from the central train station. What a beautiful city!

And my favorite little family, somewhere in a state park.

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  1. The only problem with flushing with the toilet seat down is you don’t notice if you’ve clogged the toilet and then the next person has to deal with it, after they’ve used the toilet. (I’m currently having this argument with my husband who read the same article as you)

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