Oh shit. I’m doomed.

Pizza, hot dogs, sausages, burgers, french fries, sodas, cookies, cakes, candy, doughnuts and ice cream…all on the list of Foods That Lead to Dementia. (They didn’t list potato chips or Tater Tots, but I’m sure that was just an oversight.) I can give up all the sweet stuff, no problem. But pizza, burgers and fries? Just start digging the hole now, and make it a big one.


We had a real shitshow at the house yesterday. Power outage, trespassers, neighborly conflict…quite the drama.

It all started with a series of planned outage notices we got from my old employer, SDGE. The utility had notified us, several times, of a planned 8 hour outage on 12/5 for neighborhood repairs. My plan was to get to a local coffee shop for meetings and wifi.

SDGE then notified us at 8am, by email, that there would be no outage. Outage cancelled, so I changed my plans accordingly.

Then at 9am our power went off. I went outside and saw about 15 SDGE and contractor trucks, parked on our road and in our extended driveway. At about that same time, a small unrelated fleet of plumbing and irrigation trucks showed up and set up to begin digging trenches, ON OUR PROPERTY.

Turns out a neighbor up the hill is/was installing new water service to his property, and took it upon himself to authorize the contractor to dig on our property. Without ever discussing it with us. Or with no thought that scheduling a major infrastructure upgrade on the same day, in the exact same place, as a big utility project might be a problem. That didn’t go over well, once I realized what was going on.

It was quite a morning. Our power was restored ahead of schedule. The negotiations with the clueless neighbor are ongoing.


Today is stand up and be counted day for Georgia voters. Let’s hope they’re not all crazy.

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