Goodbye November

Lotta good news lately.

  • Trump’s tax returns are finally in the public record.
  • Marriage equality took a few steps forward.
  • Herschel Walker is his own worst enemy in the GA Senate runoff. Georgians seem to have noticed.
  • The DJIA is on the rebound, leading several gurus to proclaim that the bear market is over. I may be able to stay retired.
  • Madison Cawthorn is exiting the House of Representatives. One less shallow, hollow, wanna-be-celebrity in Congress.
  • Crypto investment gambling is collapsing, as any greater fool scheme should.
  • The Oath Keepers “leaders” were convicted of serious crimes. They’ll be in jail for a while.
  • The US beat Iran and moved forward in the FIFA World Cup.

All in all, a pretty good month, I’d say.


I tried to go to a workplace close to downtown San Diego this morning, and gave up after a half hour or so. All the roads, freeways and surface streets, were clogged and crawling. I just don’t have the patience to do that commute any longer, so I’m not. I turned back and told my company friends that I would be remote today. It now seems that Wednesday is the worst traffic day every week.

Ironically, the meeting I was trying to get to was a discussion of bringing everyone back into the office at least three days/week. The management of this company (I’m an advisor) is hell-bent to re-establish an in-office culture. My situation is a bit unique, but there’s almost no scenario in which I would do a daily long commute again. Too stressful, too wasteful, too dangerous, too expensive. I think anyone who *can* say no financially *will* say no.

These days the only commute I have patience with is the flight from Socal to Kentucky. One of several good reasons pictured below.