Sports Sunday

Big day today – UK basketball goes up against the #2 team in the nation, Gonzaga. The game is at a “neutral” site in Spokane, WA. Neutral, really? The game venue is in the same damn town as the college – it’s essentially a home game for them, just in a bigger arena. But after a little research, it makes sense. From Bleacher Report:

The series entails two games played in Spokane, two played inside of Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center, and two neutral site contests. A full breakdown of the series:

2022 – Spokane Arena
2023 – Rupp Arena
2024 – Seattle
2025 – Nashville
2026 – Rupp Arena
2027 – McCarthey Athletic Center

So next year we play them at Rupp. OK then.

And this is a day after UK football played the #1 team in the nation, Georgia, and came out of it pretty well. I figured we’d lose by 50, but the football Cats played tough and made it a close game.

In political news, I’d like to think that the appointment of a Special Counsel to oversee the two major criminal investigations involving Trump is a good thing. The guy who was appointed looks like a solid choice – looks more like a Special Forces dude than a judge, and has a great CV. Time will tell, but I see this as a positive development – I think Garland was smart to delegate this.

And here’s a great little website that chronicles the daily fuckups of Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover. I have a bet with a friend who thinks Musk is just smarter than everyone and has a grand plan for Twitter, while I think Musk is not right in the head and headed for disaster. This website agrees with me. It’ll be interesting; pass the popcorn.