Well, after a week of travel by auto, air, ship and bus, we made it into the back country southeast of Tromso and finally got to see the Aurora Borealis. It was quite an experience, perhaps made a little better due to the difficulty and luck involved.

It was a partly cloudy evening, with snow on the way. But our small bus tour guide was supremely confident, and he delivered. He used GPS, multiple prediction websites, a group chat with his fellow light chasers and some very obvious photo expertise to find us two spots where we had clear enough sky. We had three separate sightings/events in two different places. The title photo was among the brightest activity.

The photo below was in our second location, next to a lake and looking north at some mountains. Not as bright, but still a beautiful show.

We were out in the cold from about 630pm to 1130pm – way past my bedtime, in any time zone. But the chase and the opportunity to see the Lights was enough to keep me going. Though some Woodford Reserve would have been welcome.

All in, I have to say I’m really liking Norway. The people, the mountains, the water, the fresh seafood…it’s all pretty great. I’ve had enough sunshine for two lifetimes, so the gloomy weather doesn’t bother me at all.