Rolling with the punches

Well, a lot of things changed today. We had a great walkabout in Trondheim, then we returned to the ship to learn that (1), the US elections went better than expected (if you’re a D), and (2), we’re not going to Stavanger and Aleslund as planned. There’s rough weather and rough seas for the next 48 hours in the North Sea, so our capitain decided to skip those stops. Instead, we’ll be at sea for two nights and then have a make-up stop in Bruges, Belgium. Go figure.

Bruges. Turns out that nephew Corey just visited there and loved it. So we’ll go and have some mussels, frites, some Belgian beer and chocolate. Could be worse.

I will say that Trondheim was a lovely city. Water everywhere. Electric vehicles everywhere. Bikes, traditional and e-variety, everywhere. Just a great feel about the place. We visited the city center and a part of the old town across a river. Lots of walking; very enjoyable.

On the election, I just hope Warnock wins in GA. That will wrap it up nicely.