Heavy seas

Well, here we are in the North Sea, somewhere east of Iceland and about 20 miles west of the European mainland. In gale force winds (about 65 NM per hour!) and heavy seas. All we need now is an iceberg and we’ll make history. Rough cruising today, so it’ll be another day of reading, movies, too much buffet food, etc. I know, I know, I could be in the gym. Should be in the gym. I’ll think about it.

The weather is supposed to clear and be pleasant by the time we arrive In Bruges (see what I did there?) in about 40 hours. We’re sorry to have missed the last two Norway stops – I realize I may not get back here again. Though if I do, it will be an airline ride into one of the larger cities, *not* by sea. This Trondheim image below is part of the reason – just a beautiful place. As I mentioned, water, water everywhere. This is a “suburb” a few blocks away from the center of town.

The Trondheim cathedral (below) is yet another reason. Built in the years from AD 800-1200, and refurbished quite a bit in the recent century, it’s beautiful. Not as large as some, but still awe inspiring. What was it about Christianity that inspired people to spend decades, their entire lives, building such fantastic buildings? Whatever the reason, I’m glad they did.

I would post more pictures but each one takes quite a while to upload to WordPress over my slow, unreliable Internet connection (hello there, 1999). So that’ll have to wait. There’s likely a way to reduce the picture size and resolution so that it goes quickly, but I’ve never needed that before and don’t feel like mucking about with it now.

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