We spent the day in and around Bergen, Norway. Bergen is the southernmost large city on the west shore of Norway, with a population of around 300,000. It’s a beautiful city – very walkable with tons of restaurants, bars/pubs, and the fish market near where we walked. We only had a couple of hours to explore, and it looks like a place you could spend a week enjoying the local sights and cuisine. The weather was cool and a little rainy, which we’re told is the norm. It’s kind of the anti-Socal.

We took a smaller boat up one of the fjords, and it was an excellent trip. Waterfalls everywhere – I need to post some of the pictures once I move them from the camera to the laptop. Norway is beautiful even on a gloomy day, and I can only imagine it on the day or two it gets sunny each year.

Next it’s on to Tromso, for our three day attempt to see the Aurora Borealis. Once again, a helluva lot of trouble to see some charged particles interact with the Earth’s magnetic fields. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I found the south central part of Norway (from Coehhagen to Oslo) pretty wonderful and worth a longer visit. Bergan sounds magical. Looking forward to your photos.

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