Bad attitude

I’ve had some real motivation problems since returning from the last trip a couple of weeks ago. Don’t really feel like doing anything. Golf, nope. Working for pay, nope. Fixing things around the house, nope. Exercising, hell no. All I’ve managed to do is read a bunch of books and watch some Olympics on TV. Pretty sad.

There’s no obvious cause. I feel fine and have nothing to be down about. I’ve always been very self-driven toward goals and/or duty, but…something is off.

Maybe getting back on the road next week will shake me free of this malaise. So far that trip is still on, though with the Delta numbers climbing it feels a bit risky. I keep telling myself that chances of a really bad outcome for me or K is about 1 in 100,000, which is about the same as the odds of a bad outcome every time I hit the CA freeways. And I don’t worry about that.

I should probably follow this little guy’s example and get out and enjoy life.

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