Life goes on

What a weekend…visitation and funeral services for Dad, a few big family meals, long drives to and from Ashland, sleepless nights, too-tight clothes and hot humid days. I’m exhausted, but satisfied that we did everything we could (and should) to honor Dad and that it all went well. I was a little worried about delivering the eulogy at the funeral, but even that went well. I think Dad would have been proud of all of us.

Meanwhile, all kinds of things happened in the world. NASA’s Artemis launch got postponed. Rory McIlroy (one of the good guys in golf) won the big prize at the end of the golf season. And these guys went to their first day of school for the 2022 year.

Life goes on. Experiencing a funeral of a close friend or family member just underscores how important it is that we enjoy that life while we have it. I plan to do that just as soon as I get some rest.

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