Sunday recap

Back to Ashland tomorrow, for 2-3 days. Time to move my Dad from assisted living to his next stop in our weird healthcare system, a rehab facility where they can give him round the clock care. All under the supervision of hospice.

This move has a lot of logistics, as we’ll have to clear out his apartment where he’s spent the last two and a half years. Moving furniture isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago, but I’m still able, so one of my brothers and I will do most or all of the move. It’s a sad time, knowing that this is his last move and that we’re getting rid of all but a few of his worldly possessions. It’s humbling – we enter the world with nothing but family (everyone has at least a mother), and we leave the same way.

On a better note, the UK team looked great again last night, and Dad and I talked about it this morning. He is getting to see UK play and he’s enjoying that. Thankful for small blessings.

We’ve taken some nice bike rides the last few days, including a ride down Beargrass Creek trail, another round and round Cherokee Park, and then yesterday exploring Seneca Park. The Louisville park system is superb – it’s one of the things that makes Louisville a great place to live.

Another “great place to live” factor is the food scene here. I’m sure I’m putting on pounds again during my time here. Whoever first said “…man does not live by bread alone…” never walked into Blue Dog Bakery. So far we’ve knoshed at Blue Dog, Red Hog, Volare, The Post, Joella’s, Louisville Cream, Noble Funk, plus Sal’s Speakeasy, Bob Evan’s and Evaroni’s in the Ashland area. I’m a stress eater, and that list proves it.