Waiting for rain

After the drive up I-64 from Nashville, and the subsequent drive back down I-64 to Louisville, I can attest that this McSweeney’s piece is right on point. I’M THE AVERAGE DRIVER ON THE ROAD RIGHT NOW, AND I’M OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND. I do love me some McSweeney’s.

Meanwhile in Louisville, I’m plotting ways to eat all the heirloom tomatoes I can get my hands on. And looking forward to promised torrential rains and thunderstorms. And counting the hours until we can watch the Cats play hoops in the Bahamas tomorrow night.

I realized I haven’t published a picture for a while. Here’s one of a guy who knows how to have fun in the heat. We should all take a lesson.

Finally, on the news that Trump’s “home” at Mar a Lago got raided by the FBI searching for unauthorized classified documents: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha……