Last days

Here we are, in eastern KY again. Been here more this year than in many years. Today we get to gather together in a funeral home “lounge” and greet however else comes by to pay respects to Dad and his family. I’m sure I’ll see quite a few folks who I will never see again.

The highlight, such as it is, of the last few days was putting picture collages together with my daughter. Pictures of Dad’s family ranged back to 1900, so it was quite a journey through time. The collages turned out well, and that should give the visitors and family something to look at while they wait to shake a hand or two.

Dad’s generation held these somber, quiet “visitation” events in addition to a religion-led funeral. We’re honoring that tradition today and tomorrow. I, on the other hand, plan to request a noisy, raucous wake with food and rock music. And maybe a memorial golf outing. I hope people have good memories of me, but even if they don’t we can show them a good time.

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