Woke up this morning

Back to the Left Coast today, just in time for a Biblical heat wave. Bad timing, kind of normal for me.

Next week we’re off to Alaska for what should be a relaxing cruise. I plan to spend the time becoming the only person in history to lose weight on a cruise ship. I *do* enjoy walking round and round the ship, watching the scenery go by.

By the time I get back to KY, Fall will have begun if not in full swing. I hope for some colorful leaves and a successful UK football season. And of course it’s only 2 months and two weeks until the first official UK hoops game. So there’s a lot to look forward to.

With Dad now respectfully buried, I think it’s now OK to note that I share John Prine’s sentiments about burial.

Woke up this morning
Put on my slippers
Walked in the kitchen and died
And oh what a feeling!
When my soul
Went thru the ceiling
And on up into heaven I did ride
When I got there they did say
John, it happened this way
You slipped upon the floor
And hit your head
And all the angels say
Just before you passed away
These were the very last words
That you said:

Please don’t bury me
Down in that cold cold ground
No, I’d druther have “em” cut me up
And pass me all around
Throw my brain in a hurricane
And the blind can have my eyes
And the deaf can take both of my ears
If they don’t mind the size
Give my stomach to Milwaukee
If they run out of beer
Put my socks in a cedar box
Just get “em” out of here
Venus de Milo can have my arms
Look out! I’ve got your nose
Sell my heart to the junkman
And give my love to Rose

Repeat Chorus

Give my feet to the footloose
Careless, fancy free
Give my knees to the needy
Don’t pull that stuff on me
Hand me down my walking cane
It’s a sin to tell a lie
Send my mouth way down south
And kiss my ass goodbye

Repeat Chorus

John Prine, Please Don’t Bury Me, from the Sweet Revenge album, 1973

I do love me some JP.

One thought on “Woke up this morning

  1. When I die let my ashes float down the Green River
    Let my soul roll on up to the Rochester dam
    I’ll be halfway to Heaven with Paradise waitin’
    Just five miles away from wherever I am.

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