Saturday night SITREP

This was the longest, toughest door-to-door trip to Cabo in 20 years. Thanks, COVID!

Everything was slow, inefficient, late and frustrating. We did have a few Special Circumstances – a two-kid family behind us on the flight that took their behavioral cues from the old Tasmanian Devil cartoon, an hour waiting on baggage (!!), and a check-in process at the resort that can only be described as Escher-esque. One step forward, three sideways and two back. What used to be a relaxing transition from Socal to Cabo has become a long, patience-challenging slog through lines, risk management forms, and good service gone bad. One more example, our room service dinner order – we didn’t want to go out and brave The World again – is an hour late. Not just “it’s been an hour”, but it’s been an hour longer than promised. Two hangry travelers.

Yeah, OK, this is a (very) first world problem, but living in the first world used to mean something. So far this trip it means wait, wait, wait…and test your patience. Happy to say my patience has held up quite well in all my interactions with The World, but it’s challenging. No casualties thus far.

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