After a wine-soaked business weekend and a day of rest/recovery, I’m off to Louisville later today. Leaving 90-degree Socal and heading to 40-degree KY, a more respectable mid-Autumn temperature.

The weekend did offer some chances for photography. For example, here’s a sunset shot of winos enjoying being misted in the evening heat at Doffo Winery.

Also at Doffo (great place, by the way), here’s their DoffoMotto vintage motorbike museum and tasting room. It’s a unique venue – hundreds and hundreds of bikes and related paraphernalia.

We also had a nice visit at Somerset Winery, where the owner took a lot of time with us and showed off his new clay amphorae-based wine aging process. Very cool – I tried (and bought) their first amphora-aged wine, and it was excellent.

The vineyards across the Temecula Valley are just starting to turn those beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange. By the time I return to Socal they’ll be mostly brown – the transition happens fast. The view below is again at Doffo, but we have the same view just below our home.