Season’s greetings

Aaaand, it’s the holiday season. I experienced my first season’s greeting while I was shopping for Thanksgiving dinner today at Costco.

Costco was packed – I expected that. I was patient, cruising around for a parking spot, expecting it to take a while and it did. I finally homed in on a lady in a Maserati (it’s Socal, natch) who was about to leave and parked myself in the right place to get her spot. I was there 2-3 minutes when an older woman came from the opposite direction and signaled like she was going to take the spot.

The geometry was such that I was able to pull up and speak with her through our open windows.

Me: “Ma’am, maybe you didn’t see me, but I’ve been waiting for this spot. This one is mine.”

Her, looking angry: “My signal is on. You saw me.”

Me: “Yes, that’s why I wanted to let you know.”

Her (angrier): “Well you’re very rude.”

Her, as she was pulling away: “You’re a f’ing asshole.”

Me, thinking as I pulled into the spot: “So I’m the rude one?”

Not a great way to start a holiday shopping trip. I just don’t understand people any more.