Heading south

Today is a travel day. An hour to the airport, a short two hour flight to Cabo and about an hour to the resort. By 430pm Cabo time we hope to be watching whales and a sunset. Sounds pretty good to me.

Between the increasingly bad news about the South African variant outbreak and the continued dry, fire-danger Santa Ana weather in Socal, I’m a bit stressed out. Can’t do anything about either of them, but…perhaps a change of venue will make a difference.

It seems odd that traveling 1000 miles south would be a remedy for someone sick and tired of hot dry weather, but the ocean climate in Cabo is a far cry from the oppressive dry heat we’ve got in Socal. A smaller home in Point Loma, PB or even Oceanside is starting to sound a lot better to me.

I *am* looking forward to exploring the capabilities of my new Fuji S-X10. Some long photography walks are on the agenda.

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