Why we travel

We travel because at some point in our lives we become aware of our own mortality. We won’t be here forever, so we need to get busy doing things we love while we have the time and the ability. For the athletic and adventurous, that might be mountain climbing or running the bulls in Pamplona (nope, not for me). For the introspective, that might be exploring places and learning things you’ve never encountered before (yep). Everyone has something that speaks to their soul, and when you start seeing the end of your runway, you go after that something to the extent of your resources and ability.

Perhaps some people realize this early in their lives, but for me it took about 40 years. Travel, exploration and learning are about the only things really worth doing other than being close to your family. And your friends. Everything else is just passing time.

I mention this because someone I knew a bit died yesterday – a good man who had lived a long and, as far as I know, a good life. Rest in peace, Rajah. And that’s after my football buddy Joe who I knew quite well died a month or two ago. Recognition of one’s mortality – that gets your attention.

Yesterday’s Cabo sunset is featured above. Rajah’s last day on Earth. That sunset is a fitting sendoff.

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