Derby City food

This has been a very foodie visit to Louisville. So far, my restaurant stops have included:

  • Ciao – best Caprese Salad in quite a while (pictured above). And monkey bread.
  • Con Huevos – multiple visits, loving their pork enchiladas and green sauce.
  • Joella’s – great chicken sandwich and fries.
  • Fork and Barrel – my new favorite Louisville restaurant; the pimento cheese plate appetizer is the best.
  • Blue Dog Bakery – always good, but the egg sandwich wasn’t up to expectations.
  • Krispi Kreme – the light was on, I had time so I gave in and bought two hot ones. No regrets.
  • Greg’s Bistro – son-in-law Greg makes a killer pasta and crostini meal.
  • Burger Girl – a good breakfast anytime
  • El Nopal – stopped there to get something for the kids quickly, our reasoning was “how bad can it be”? Turns out pretty bad.

I arrived here having lost some weight due to the extreme heat/walking weekend. Pretty sure the foodie stops have negated that.

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