2021, part 2

Annnnd, we’ve stumbled into the second half of 2021. It’s gone by quickly, and it’s already been a great year compared to 2020 (Low Bar Alert, a giant asteroid hitting Socal would be a great year compared to 2020). Notable 2021 events include:

  • Getting vaccinated!
  • The worst KY spring basketball season ever
  • Getting back on airplanes
  • The Biden inauguration!
  • Buying the KY house
  • A great Hawaii trip
  • A lot of consulting work, now winding down
  • A quick but nice trip to Napa and Gardnerville
  • The kids visiting us in Fallbrook

Things aren’t completely back to normal, but they’re heading that way.

In interesting tech/environment news today, MIT researchers have found a way to produce practical amounts of potable water from seawater using sunlight alone. This is a huge development for arid coastal regions, including the one we’re living in.

Also, a Silicon Valley startup is betting on microreactors that use waste fuel from traditional nuke plants to generate 1-10 megawatts quietly, cleanly and safely. Again, a green energy game changer (to use a much-overused phrase). I think microreactors are a key part of a greener energy future.