Jackson Browne released (announced?) his new album today, Downhill From Everywhere. Of course I’ll get it, but first I took some time to read the lyrics of the album’s songs. JB’s lyrics are poetry for me. Here’s an excerpt from a song I know I’ll like, “A Little Too Soon To Say”.

“I came for inspiration
I came looking for grace
And found my reflection
In every passing face
In everyone who gathered
Standing on that shore
Searching the horizon
Not knowin’ what exactly for

Searchin’ the horizon
For what we can’t quite see
When all we’ve ever needed
Has been there all along
Inside of you and me

I wanna see you holdin’ out your light
I wanna see you light the way
But whether everything will be alright
It’s just a little soon to say”

There’s a lot more, but I love that sentiment – “…all we’ve ever needed, has been there all along, inside you and me”. The guy was a musical/lyrical master at 18 and still going strong at 70-something. We get to see JB and James Taylor in Louisville next month, so I suspect we’ll hear this song in person.