As I tiptoe back into writing, I’m thinking of giving Scrivener a try. Its users are passionate about it, as opposed to those of us who slog about in Word. It is *very* different than Word, which I suppose is the point. I like the idea of trying something new and fit-for-purpose, in terms of being designed for long-form writing. But I worry that it will be such a distraction that it will, at least initially, be a negative for productivity.

My biggest problem getting restarted is deciding which version to restart – the long version with substantial intro/backstory, or the shorter version? Or something in between. I’ve had soooo many rewrites that I’ve kind of lost track. Version control is not my strong suit.

Maybe the right thing will be to take the long version and port it into Scrivener – that’ll give me a chance to review each chapter and explore Scrivener’s functions as I go.