Happy 4th of July weekend!

We’re having a big crowd here tomorrow – the kids and grandkids, cousin Donnie and family from Louisville, my brother and his wife Deeanne, a close friend from NOLA and his brother, K’s Marine nephew Erik…about 14 people. Today, the warm-up afternoon, will be about half that headcount. Tonight’s meal is my own recipe, clay pot chicken. Tomorrow it’s pulled pork, cole slaw, roasted veggies and what should be an epic charcuterie plate. With olive oil and wine tastings each meal.

Yesterday I took the afternoon off and visited this amazing, private, invitation-only establishment. I got to listen to my favorite music on a first-class audiophile rig, as loud as I wanted. I was able to taste four great bourbons – Noah’s Mill, Maker’s Reserve 101, Jefferson’s Reserve and Basil Hayden’s. Finally, I was able to gaze out across the treetops and watch hawks spiral on the breeze. This place was so great that I think I’ll go back there soon. The place’s name is, oh, what was it….oh yeah, it’s My Living Room. Not visited often enough.