Good morning

I just finished reading Eliot Peper’s wonderful book Veil for the second time, and I enjoyed it even more. It’s an entertaining book with some very big ideas and some great characters. Highly recommended.

Also this morning, in a spasm of amazingly good customer service, Southwest Air just sent me a $250 travel credit to make up for the reservation screwups last week. Unanticipated and appreciated. Thanks SWA!

Lots of news today. Finally, someone is charging the Trump Crime Family with a crime. Better late than never. I can only hope that the Trump Org CFO flips hard on the family. You know they would flip on him.

And in the “you couldn’t make this shit up” category, a conservative billionaire is paying for the South Dakota National Guard to be deployed to the Texas border to do…something?

What’s wrong with this picture? One state sending armed forces into another, check. A state subverting the federal charter to defend borders, check. A billionaire buying his own army to do his bidding within our borders, check. There’s just no way this ends well. The SD Governor should be taken down over this. Or maybe California’s Governor should ask Jeff Bezos to fund an expedition of the CA Guard into South Dakota to discover WTF is going on.

In any other era, this would be unthinkable. But post-Trump, it seems that our capacity for outrage is exhausted.

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