Cold day in hell

I have a lot of sympathy for the people of Texas this week, as their power grid failed during a historic cold snap. Prehistoric living conditions during a pandemic…pretty horrific.

Their cretinous politicians are trying to blame renewable energy, notably wind, as the reason. That’s BS, as wind is only 10% of Texas’ generation capacity. The extreme cold has also made their major energy source, natural gas, unreliable because lines and meters are freezing. The real reason that TX power id down is that decades ago TX lawmakers decided they didn’t want to cooperate with the Feds and other states in an interstate power grid, able to send and receive electricity across state lines. As a result Texas has its own independent power grid, the only one in the lower 48 states, managed by ERCOT (ironically named the Electric Reliability Council of Texas).

Texans will want someone to blame for this. They should start with their idiot “conservative” politicians and ERCOT’s leaders.

Update, a few hours later: Texans should start their blame game here.

“Former Texas governor Rick Perry suggests that going days without power is a sacrifice Texans should be willing to make if it means keeping federal regulators out of the state’s power grid.”

What a maroon.

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