Another numerology-odd date today.

I’ll be learning online at the Minnesota Writer’s Conference today, interleaving webinar sessions with work. Not a bad way to spend a gloomy day. It’s supposed to rain about 0.1 inches today, a Socal downpour.

Meanwhile in DC the US Senate decides if Presidents can commit high crimes and treason in the final days of their term and then walk away free. I hope they convict, but given the track record of Senate Republicans the last couple of decades, it’s unlikely. Trump really is a cockroach – COVID couldn’t get him, the Billy Bush tape couldn’t, paying off hookers didn’t hurt him, and it looks like inciting and then cheerleading a coup won’t either.

My pitiful UK Wildcats play again tomorrow. My standing joke lately is I have to make sure I DVR the KY loss. The latest loss a couple of days ago against Arkansas was another horror show. I’m a fan, I’ll always be a fan, but it sure is hard to watch them struggle and lose this year.