Saturday with a touch of tinnitus

Today is the day that we get to see if my UK Wildcats are on a consistent performance upslope, or if they’ll fall back into mediocrity. Cats versus Gators at 1pm my time. I’ll go with the mammals.

Spent another Friday late afternoon enjoying the “new” stereo system. The new electronics, combined with the mighty M3s, are so much fun to listen to. I’ve discovered that ZZ Top’s La Grange is a killer recording, one of the best from the classic rock era. If only Rush’s recordings were as good. La Grange pops out of the speakers like the bearded dudes are right in the room.

And because of all the sonic meandering possible with the Elac music server and its built-in operating system (the Roon/Tidal combo) I’m discovering I like some very modern music. Billie Eilish was last night’s “discovery”. Her recordings are pure, very high fidelity, listenable at normal or “voice of the neighborhood” volumes. The bass on her recordings rendered through the M3s and powered by the Wyred4sound monobloc amps is…impressive. Room shaking, actually. Bad Guy is not just a wildly popular song – it’s an audiophile-friendly high-dynamic range recording.