Week 1 preview

First week of 2021, and right out of the gate, we’ve got a big week ahead.

First, the GA Senatorial elections. It’s a toss-up, so one can only hope that the Dems prevail and we can wave goodbye to obstructionist Moscow Mitch. Sure would make Biden’s job easier. I give us about a 25% chance of coming away with the two seats needed.

The very next day, we’ve got Pence presiding over that same Senate to confirm the Electoral College results. I expect some grandstanding, but I don’t expect Pence to throw himself under the bus for Trump. We’ll see.

I also expect that the fallout from the leaked Trump election tampering call will continue this week. It’s extreme, even for Trump. Any other politician in history, that phone call would be an instant “you’re fired, career is over” event. But Trump is a nuclear cockroach – he seems to be able to survive anything. Just our luck.

On top of all that we’ve got UK’s second SEC game tonight against Vandy, in which we will see if the breakout game over the weekend was an anomaly or truly a breakout. Will we fall back into mediocrity, or will we start playing like a KY team?

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