Happy Friday, or at least relatively sane Friday. What a week!

The fallout from Wednesday’s MAGA mob attack on the Capital continues, and it appears that Trump has finally committed acts for which he will not be forgiven. Forgiven or not, he’ll be flushed down the toilet in 12 days.

His fascist army is also slowly being tracked down and in many cases, arrested. They gave the FBI and law enforcement in general plenty of evidence to work with, from phone locations to social media posts and pictures of themselves committing crimes, and in some cases DNA evidence – a few of them desecrated by defecation inside the building. Nice folks, those.

My favorite MAGA footsoldier story has to be the guy who accidentally tasered himself in the balls, repeatedly, until he had a heart attack and died. He was apparently trying to wrestle a portrait of Tip O’Neil off the wall and got tangled up with his own taser. He was a hard-core, gun-obsessed Trumpist. I feel bad for his family, but in my book he’s just a sad Darwin Award finalist.

I said it before, the real New Year doesn’t begin until January 20th. Hang on tight until then.