Random Saturday musings

Only three days into the new Administration and things are starting to return to normal. Competent, efficient governance without drama or crime. What a concept.

It’s clear that the Biden team realizes that vaccine rollout has to be the #1 priority. Everything else follows from that – normal can’t return until it’s safe to congregate again. I’m thankful that they’re making this the #1 priority, because at current rates of vaccination in Socal it’ll be 2022 before K and I get to the head of the line. I’m becoming increasingly impatient to get back east to see the grandkids again, and without vaccination that is another cross-country drive.

It’s raining a little here in Socal, with more on the way. That’s a great change, but we need a LOT more rain just to catch up to our normal paltry rainfall. Water is surely going to become the new oil in the western US.

I made this dish for dinner last night, and it was amazing. Baked gnocchi, go figure. Rich, savory, tasty, chewy and even healthy. One of the best and simplest recipes I’ve tried in a long time. This will become a staple in our household.

KY basketball continues to implode. Worst season ever thus far, with little reason to believe it will improve. I’ll keep watching and supporting the team, but it’s painful.

I recommend this article for anyone who still wants to argue/debate with conservatives about their fears concerning liberals now running the country. It’s a great, facts-included point-by-point refutation of most of the conservative talking points. Useless for anyone who’s gone full-cult, but possibly helpful for anyone who’s still capable of thinking.

This collection of impromptu wildlife photos is amazing. Beautiful. Though I worry about the dude with two brown bears licking his head. Doesn’t seem advisable…

This is also some food for thought. Biden pardoning Trump may not be a bad idea. I think if we could be sure that NY and GA would come after Trump hard for a variety of state crimes, I’d be OK with Biden just getting this piece of shit off his Federal shoe and moving on with the important business at hand. I want to see Trump held accountable, but not at the expense of distracting Biden’s administration for months and months.