A good start

Well, well, well. It seems that 2021 might be different after all. The KY Wildcats basketball team narrowly avoided a 1-7 start and won a game against Mississippi State in a double OT thriller. For the first time this season they were fun to watch. They were headed for exactly the same underachieving outcome as their previous six games when coach Calipari pulled a desperation move, getting himself intentionally ejected with two technical fouls. That wily coach move has been known to motivate a team in college hoops, and this time it sure did.

Add to that a UK win in the Gator Bowl and it was a pretty good January 2nd. Now if someone in the cursed Trump administration could just figure out how to accelerate vaccine distribution (maybe employ the military?), 2021 could be off to a great start. If not, we wait another 17 days for the adults to show up and try to fix things.

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