2021 rocks!

OK, I’m liking this whole 2021 thing. Another UK basketball win last night, and this time a pretty solid game. And this morning, the news that Warnock has won his GA Senate race and Ossoff is likely to win. That’s…amazing. To think that we’ll get to wave goodbye to both Trump AND McConnell simultaneously – and to wave goodbye to all their Cabinet and appointee cronies. Much better than expected, better than hoped. Just amazing.

I hope I don’t jinx Ossoff by celebrating a little too early.

Update, 430pm. Well, I may have to backtrack on that whole “2021 rocks” thing. I left for an afternoon to play golf and the whole world caught fire. The scenes from DC are horrific. While I’m happy that the GA Senate races turned out well, this insurrection/coup that took place in DC, egged on by the soon-to-be-ex President, is at least as bad as the Vietnam era riots of the late 60s. Trump seems to have succeeded in breaking democracy. Jan 20th can’t come soon enough.

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