The Tortoise of Oligarchy

Marjorie Taylor Greene (alias Empty G), person in the lead for Worst Person in the World, says that Mitch McConnell is a Democrat. Wow, that’s big news. If Mitch is a Democrat, then I suppose I *am* a rabid ultra-leftist socialist after all. Everything’s relative.

One comment on the article was so good I have to quote it here:

As for Mitch, I’m not sure he’ll mind. The tortoise of oligarchy came into existence in an age before republicans and democrats, indeed before the age of man; and can only be briefly stirred from his dreams of the long aeons when it was just him and the idea of power sharing the increate void by offering him a tasty mouthful of US Treasury lettuce.

Boing Boing commenter

Empty G is a destroyer, pure and simple. She wants to tear down democratic government and replace it with white nationalist fascism. I wonder what happened to her to make her so…empty.

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