Thursday on the beach

Darwin’s Law is hard at work, 24×7. Take your guns off before entering a hospital MRI. No one should really have to tell you that, but…natural selection is a bitch.

Another day of whale watching from the porch here in Cabo. It’s one of those Oprah days, whales everywhere. You get a whale, you get a whale, and yes, you get a whale too. I read for a while, then watch the whale show for a while. Very relaxing. The whales swimming off Cabo seem happy, and why wouldn’t they? We see lots of behaviors, from full jumps/breaches to tail whacking to flipper waving and the occasional head out of water to eyeball the humans and boats. They put on a great show, and we thank them.

Quintessa just sent me a nice customer service message about the release of their 2020 vintage, allegedly one of the best ever. Great news. Then they go on to tell me how much they appreciate my being a wine club member. Then they get around to telling me that I can’t get any of the 2020 vintage because club members at a higher level have already taken them all. Well, shit. And I was feeling so special.

I read a great little crime novel yesterday by Robert Dugoni called Damage Control. Set in Seattle, well-written, a little predictable but entertaining. I’ll read some more Dugoni.

Today I’m re-reading Linda Nagata’s first novel, the amazing The Bohr Maker. I like Nagata’s writing, and The Bohr Maker is full of crazy good ideas about advanced biotech and nanotechnology. It’s an updated version of Pandora’s Box.

Finally today, in spite of Elon being, well, Elon, SpaceX successfully tested the Starship’s full complement of engines. That’s a big deal – maybe we’ll get to see the behemoth launch this year. It’s a science fiction geek’s dream come true.

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