Fishing report

Back from fishing and a post-fishing nap. Great day on the water with a good boat captain (thanks Omar!), rough morning waters and limited success. We caught only one keeper, a 10-12 pound dorado (known in Hawaii as mahi-mahi). It was on the small side for a dorado, but good eating, which is the plan for dinner. Sushi feast on the horizon.

We caught two other fish, some nice sized roosterfish, but released them. Roosterfish are edible but just barely – we discovered that the hard way a few years ago. Pictures later.

The other notable part of the day was the whale watching while at sea. We saw more whales this trip than in any previous year. Captain Omar said it was because the water is unusually cold for this time of year, and the whales love the cold water. We saw CA gray whales in shallow water right next to shore, and we saw lots of humpback whales in deeper water. A few of the whales surfaced within 30-40 yards of us…that was cool.

Spent the whole day yesterday watching whales (what else?) from the patio, plus some boat watching. Got some nice sunset pictures, and what should be some good pictures of the dancers at the resort’s Mexican fiesta night (again, pictures later). The highlight of the day was when I noticed a nice-looking fishing boat with the name “In Debt” on its side, and right behind it was “Bill Collector”. What are the odds of that? The boats parade past our patio constantly, and seeing their details is easy now with my new mongo-binoculars. Bought the Celestron 25×70 Skymaster binocs and really like them. No image stabilization, but my hands don’t shake much so it’s fine.

For the rest of the week, more whale watching, attempts to watch the KY game tonight, a dinner at The Wine Bar tomorrow (great bar attached to a nice Italian place close to us) that has a stellar wine selection, including my all-time favorite Mexican wines from Casa Madero, the oldest winery in The New World. At the end of the week maybe a stop by Flora Farms for a lunch. FF is an amazing farm-to-table place, an oasis just a couple of miles away from the seamy side of San Jose del Cabo. At Flora you feel that you’re in paradise. Drive a few miles toward the town and you’re definitely in hell. Mexico is a place of stark contrasts.

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