This shit is getting old

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends.

We were scheduled to leave Louisville this morning on Spirit Airlines at 8am. Just before midnight, we received notice that our flight had been cancelled (I was asleep, so didn’t read it until 5am). They Groundhog Dayed us after all.

After a few seconds of despair, I got busy and found us a flight on United that, at least as of 6am, is scheduled to leave at 9am and head west to San Diego via Denver. The Denver part is a calculated risk. We could easily get stranded in Denver, but…there are more service options there than at Louisville.

I know this is an unusual circumstance, but my faith in air travel is shaken. What used to be reliable service now isn’t. So my plans to have a dual life, homes east and west, suddenly seems unwise. If I owned any airline stocks, I’d sell them or short them ASAP.

Anyway, wish us luck. Five straight cancellations – that’s gotta be a record.


Update – it’s a no go on a flight leaving today. I’ve now booked something for the 31st – the airline crunch should settle out by then. Time for us to settle in and do what we can to enjoy our next few days here.

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