Xmas Day minus 2

Well, after spending a great morning with the kids (picture below), we burned an entire afternoon and went to see Avatar, The Way of Water. In a nutshell, great effects, but *exactly* the same movie as before, full of white man’s guilt. A very obvious, heavy-handed screed against colonialism, industrialism, technology, etc. Nature good, mankind bad. Three hours of that drivel, and I’m ready to become a conservative.

In general it was not a good movie. Glad we saw it on the big giant screen, but I’ll never see it again.

Being out and about today in the crunchy snow was a bit of an adventure. All my years of snowtime driving in Akron OH came back to me, and I navigated the roads pretty easily. Just have to be slow and cautious, plus be aware of the physics of what’s going on between your wheels and the snow.

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