Eastward ho

Whole lotta news today. Nuclear fusion progress, Mark Meadows is revealed as a treasonous snake, big storms across the US, SBF gets arrested, MTG also a treasonous snake, the stock market is way up (yay!), and Elon Musk continues to ruin his brand. But all of that is set aside on a personal level – today we fly back to Louisville. We’ve outsourced our time today to Southwest – cattle car, here we come.

As much as I hate wearing them, I’ll probably wear a mask on the plane today. The triple-demic isn’t life threatening the way Covid was back in 2020, but getting another case of any virus is damn inconvenient. I prefer to not spend 4-5 days lying around feeling bad. So to reduce that chance, it’ll be masks on the plane.

We’re fortunate today to have a long first flight, from San Diego to Chicago. We’ll fly right over the storm somewhere around the Rockies. A day or two later and Chicago is likely to be a bad bet, but we should be fine today.

It looks like it’ll be colder in KY than first expected, so in addition to the mask I’ll be dragging along The Big Coat. It was good enough for Norway, so it should work in Louisville.

Our insurance saga has a happy ending – we’ll end up paying $1000 less next year for better coverage. So Travelers did us a favor by telling us to bugger off. I’ll be sure to tell all my friends how they did us a solid.

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